LaKademy 2017

1 minute read

It was my first participation in a KDE sprint event, the famous LaKademy (Latin-America Akademy) in Brazil, Minas Gerais - Belo Horizonte. A great experience to talk, share and learn a bit more about KDE, coffee and software development.

Next I’ll talk about some points of what I have done during the event.

First day:

  • AtCore:
    • Some bug corrections of the new AtCore test client, moving from QWidgets to QDockWidget.
    • Some patchs review.
    • .gitignore updates to remove .patch and .diff from project.
    • Update some tasks.
  • KDevelop:
    • Solving compilation errors from kdesrc-build --include-dependencies kdevelop.
    • syntax-highlighting:
      • Add Arduino extensions (.ino, .pde).
    • Bug correction in breeze-icons, but one was already in review.

Second day:

  • babe-qt:
    • Code corrections and refactory.
    • Restore functionality of CMakeLists.
  • KDevelop:
    • Solve some compile corrections.
    • Attempt to solve more compile problems with –include-dependencies.
  • Atcore:
    • Adjustments in GUI.
    • Update in 3D visualizer of Gcode for 3D printers.

Third day:

  • KDE
    • Development of a docker to help the use and development of KDE applications with the help of kdesrc-build.
      • Tested with AtCore, Cantor, GCompris and Kate. (Link)
        • It was only possible with the help of Jedi.


Last day:

  • KDE
    • Finalization of kde’s docker.
  • KDevelop
    • Start to work in copy-paste functionality in KDevelop popup.

It was a event completely different of what I thought, a great experience for any developer. Maybe, next time, I can see you in LaKademy 2018 ;)