QML Online - Qt 5.15, Kirigami, Breeze and more!

I'm happy to announce that QML Online is now running with the last version of Qt (5.15) and with an initial Kirigami integration with breeze icons!


There is also a couple of updates for quality of life, like:

But sadly, with new features we do have new bugs! As I said before, the Kirigami integration is an initial version, there are some know bugs with it, like:

What is next

I'll be working closer with Kirigami to fix these bugs, and the new feature of multiple instances of QML Online on the same webpage will be in hold for now.

As a reminder, please be free to send Merge Requests, feature requests, opinions and issues.


I would like to thank all users of QML Online, and the people that are sending kind works about how it's improving their workflow and how useful the tool is! That really helps to move the project forward.